Armatura Global Solutions is a software integration company.  We deliver Affordable and Secure hardware & software business solutions utilizing advanced Authentication technology while assuring our customers Predictable availability and cost.  We deliver ASAP solutions.  



Armatura purchasing agents average 20 years experience in global procurement.  We leverage our worldwide supply chain to ensure we receive the very best pricing possible.  Our savings are then passed down to our customers which makes our solutions highly affordable, thus maximizing our customers ROI.



Today, many U.S commercial enterprises are adopting federal government guidelines in order to better safeguard and secure their customers and their own intellectual property and business assets, personnel and visitors. Therefore, many U.S. commercial enterprises are following NDAA guidelines regarding banned imported components.  Armatura only procures and supplies components deemed secure by the U.S. government.



Today’s technology makes it fairly easy for hackers to fraudulently copy door keys and access cards.  Printed documents including passports & drivers licenses can also be easily falsified.  Therefore, Armatura solutions are primarily designed with advanced user authentication in mind  including biometric and QR code recognition technology.  Armatura authentication solutions ensure impostors cannot enter our customers’ networks or physical workplace.



A business cannot operate having unpredictable operational expenses. In 2018, the U.S. government imposed a $200 billion tariff on many electronic goods imported from China. Currently today, many U.S. importers still pay up to 25% in tariffs which is passed on to their customers, accordingly. Importing goods from countries having uncertain trade relations with the U.S. government makes it very difficult to predict both revenue and operational expenses. Therefore, in response to the 2018 tariff, Armatura adjusted its global supply chain and shifted its procurement to countries which the U.S. government has no foreseen trade issues and isn’t imposing tariffs. There’s no guarantee Armatura’s current suppliers’ countries won’t have tariffs imposed in the future. But Armatura can guarantee our supply chain will always strive to avoid tariffs, thus providing our customers more predictable supply costs and product availability.

BioPack middleware was developed in response to the global market demand for touchless biometric access control and real-time monitoring & notification.  BioPack allows Lenel OnGuard to record & alert whenever registered or unregistered visitors are detected having elevated body temperature or not wearing a face mask, prior to them entering the workplace.  Currently, BioPack integrates SpeedFace readers from ZKTeco USA with Lenel OnGuard versions 7.5 and 7.6.  BioPack installation is fast & simple.  After BioPack is downloaded, the installer simply keys in the IP address of the OnGuard server and login credentials.  Once BioPack establishes communication with OnGuard, BioPack immediately and continuously downloads OnGuard user profile data, including the users’ face photos.  BioPack automatically and continuously converts the OnGuard users’ face photos into biometric facial templates and then subsequently uploads the user profile data and facial templates to all the ZKTeco SpeedFace readers on the OnGuard network.  BioPack is affordable, secure, provides multi-biometric user authentication and has a predictable 1-time fixed cost.  Customers purchase one BioPack server license and a client license for every ZKTeco USA biometric reader they’re installing.  BioPack can only be sold by installers certified by Armatura.  For more information e-mail info@biopack.com

SmartGuard+ hardware & software was developed in response to the global market demand for unattended automated appointment scheduling with body temperature and face mask scanning.  SmartGuard+ consists of a kiosk with built-in body temp/mask/QR code scanner (hardware) and appointment scheduling (software). 


Prior to anyone visiting the workplace, the visitor must first phone their host and request an appointment.  Using the SmartGuard+ cloud-based application, the host quickly and easily creates the appointment from the host’s computer or phone.  The SmartGuard+ App automatically generates a QR code containing the appointment data and visitor information. 


Once arriving at the host’s workplace, the SmartGuard+ kiosk scans the visitor’s QR code which validates the visitor and their appointment.  Next, the SmartGuard+ kiosk scans the visitor to validate the visitor has an acceptable body temperature and is optionally wearing a protective face mask.  SmartGuard+ can also perform face + palm user authentication.    


Only if the visitor passes the scan in its entirety is the visitor permitted to enter the host’s workplace. 


SmartGuard+ is affordable.  There are no upfront costs except our optional installation service.  SmartGuard+ is also secure and requires visitor authentication.  Only visitors with a valid QR code and biometric credentials (optional) are permitted entry. SmartGuard+ cost is also predictable.  Customers pay a low monthly fixed payment.  For more information e-mail info@smartguardplus.com


Armatura Global Solutions is a software integration company.  We deliver Affordable and Secure hardware & software business solutions utilizing advanced Authentication technology while assuring our customers Predictable availability and cost.  We deliver ASAP solutions.

We are an Atlanta-based software developer working in collaboration with international research scientists from around the world delivering business solutions fully compliant with U.S. Federal Laws.

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